Frenchman’s Bar- 13 minutes from downtown Vancouver, WA

This is part 3 in my spring break series. I hope you enjoy it: Frenchman’s Bar is a family favorite. To begin with, it takes you into a very different part of Vancouver. Within less than 15 minutes of downtown, the roads become more country and winding, the birds more diverse, and the wetlands moreContinue reading “Frenchman’s Bar- 13 minutes from downtown Vancouver, WA”

All Along 164th St. Ridgefield, WA-15 Minutes from Vancouver, WA

On a rural street in Ridgefield, four items of interest to make for an enjoyable afternoon.

Lucia Falls- 35 minutes from Vancouver, WA

Lucia Falls on the East Fork of the Lewis River in Yacolt is, in my opinion, lesser-known than Moulton Falls, but far more dramatic. The sound is thunder, majestic. The surrounding beautiful wildflowers and forest-lined trails set a more leisurely pace. While the thunder and natural beauty usually draw me in, it is not theContinue reading “Lucia Falls- 35 minutes from Vancouver, WA”

Oregon Zoo-So Much More Than Wild Animals- 10 miles from Vancouver

So you want to go to the Oregon Zoo. Maybe you’ve been so many times you know the keepers by name and have seen every one of their over 1800 animals While your heart yearns to experience the wild, you wonder, sincerely, what else there is to do. Well, I can guarantee the Oregon ZooContinue reading “Oregon Zoo-So Much More Than Wild Animals- 10 miles from Vancouver”

Clark County Sculptures and a Giveaway

Battle Ground Sculptures-22 minutes from Vancouver, Washington At the end of this blog, there will be details on a giveaway- On a drizzly day in November, I put my son on the bus and headed to Battle Ground to give my Mom a surprise. I picked her up and we headed out for an afternoonContinue reading “Clark County Sculptures and a Giveaway”

Schoolhouse Rock- Part 2- Skamania County- roughly 1 hour from Vancouver!

Prindle School The drive to Prindle was a dream on this wet day. As my son and I twisted around Highway 14’s many bends, it felt like traveling into a mist shrouded fairy tale. If the dense trees were not hiding elves or dragons, Bigfoot definitely would be at home (and legally protected) here. IContinue reading “Schoolhouse Rock- Part 2- Skamania County- roughly 1 hour from Vancouver!”