Frenchman’s Bar- 13 minutes from downtown Vancouver, WA

This is part 3 in my spring break series. I hope you enjoy it: Frenchman’s Bar is a family favorite. To begin with, it takes you into a very different part of Vancouver. Within less than 15 minutes of downtown, the roads become more country and winding, the birds more diverse, and the wetlands moreContinue reading “Frenchman’s Bar- 13 minutes from downtown Vancouver, WA”

All Along 164th St. Ridgefield, WA-15 Minutes from Vancouver, WA

On a rural street in Ridgefield, four items of interest to make for an enjoyable afternoon.

Clark County Sculptures and a Giveaway

Battle Ground Sculptures-22 minutes from Vancouver, Washington At the end of this blog, there will be details on a giveaway- On a drizzly day in November, I put my son on the bus and headed to Battle Ground to give my Mom a surprise. I picked her up and we headed out for an afternoonContinue reading “Clark County Sculptures and a Giveaway”