The Great Indoors- Part II

Do you wonder what the weather is like in Vancouver? The short answer is unpredictable. Locals can be spotted easily because we will be umbrella-less in a deluge. We have become accustomed to frequent showers. While I cannot speak for all of us, I buy several pairs of dollar-store sunglasses. They are easily lost whenContinue reading “The Great Indoors- Part II”

September Is For Little Splurges!

You can still enjoy several events for reasonable prices, but September is a time of bounty, so why not splurge a little? Not every event is free or low-cost, but most are! Oh, and I’ve “hidden” a gem in here. Find it, follow the instructions, and get the prize mentioned! Splurge September 2022 Not ExactlyContinue reading “September Is For Little Splurges!”

Low-cost Activities August 2022

Here’s my August list. Only one more month to go. I hope you enjoy and are able to do some of these! With the exception of August 27th, most are free, averaging out to just over 16 cents per day plus gas (if required). Low-cost August Activities Monday, August 1st–  Gather local tie-dye materials andContinue reading “Low-cost Activities August 2022”

Inexpensive Family Events July, 2022

My 2nd month in this series is up! I hope you enjoy it. I’d like to dedicate this to Clarissa Sidhom and her husband, Ryan for the 2 playgrounds their church provided our community free of cost and for being the hands and feet of Jesus to our community. Friday, July 1st– Grand Reopening ofContinue reading “Inexpensive Family Events July, 2022”