The Great Indoors- Part III

Does the rain have you run down? Is the heat causing hebetude? Are you suffering through the snow? Is the ice causing your mood to be icky? Try some of these indoor places, worthy of the category “The Great Indoors.” Found in Vancouver, all three are rich in history and an essential part of our area.

The Clark County Genealogical Society

Located in the old Chase Bank building between St. Johns and St. James and celebrating fifty years, this place contains a wealth of information not only for anyone looking to find ancestral roots but also for the history of the area. Lois was the volunteer who helped me. Knowledgable and friendly, she shared information about some of the free classes which take place here. They happen on a regular basis and can be found on the website’s calendar. She mentioned they have computers available to use for free as well as other free online genealogical services.

I went on a short stint when my son was at my mother’s house (I do not recommend this location for younger children; it is a great adult or tween/teen destination however.) I was able to browse through four volumes I picked at random. Imagine my elation when I found a book on the subject of an upcoming blog! Can anyone guess which of the four it is?

I came on a Saturday afternoon and found the twenty-five minutes I allowed myself to browse inadequate. This is a great indoor facility to spend any afternoon in, but a rainy one would be superb! More information can be found here:

The Post Office at 1211 Daniels St

I use this post office often, but nearly every time I go, I am awestruck by a different piece of architecture. The design is intricate, and whether original or not, I’ve taken several photos of the beautifully designed building components. This location is not worth a long stay, but the beauty of the building can cause one to halt. If you are in the area and need to dodge the rain, why not come indoors, mail a letter, and check out the great detailed construction? It is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. More information can be found here:

A modern parking sign urges drivers to park only 15 minutes, a clear juxtaposition to the glorious architecture more than a century old.

Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater

Located a very short distance from the post office on Daniels is the Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater. I am Protestant myself, so the first time I entered this church was for my friend’s wedding. I was in awe of the newly remodeled and stunning star-speckled roof in a peaceful blue backdrop, the beautifully polished pews, and the general ambiance that causes one to reflect. I have been one other time, during the holiday season, with my son and husband. I do not have photos of the inside as I am unsure of the etiquette for taking pictures inside a Catholic church. The Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater does give tours on the last Saturday of every month. I urge you to attend for yourself and see every beautiful thing indoors. There are photos and information available here as well:

The outside of the Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater

As always, I like to dedicate my blog to someone. I dedicate this one to Lois, the volunteer at the Clark County Genealogical Society who made my first trip a pleasant one.

Reader, dream fearlessly, travel and buy locally, and remember, just because it’s in your back yard doesn’t mean it’s not worth a visit.

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