September Is For Little Splurges!

You can still enjoy several events for reasonable prices, but September is a time of bounty, so why not splurge a little? Not every event is free or low-cost, but most are! Oh, and I’ve “hidden” a gem in here. Find it, follow the instructions, and get the prize mentioned!

Splurge September 2022 Not Exactly Free/ Low-cost Family Activities

Thursday, Sept. 1st– Rose Show, Ft. Vancouver Rose Society meeting, open to the public (Thursday, September 1, 7 p.m., at St. Lukes-Saint Lucas Episcopal Church, located at 426 E. Fourth Plain Blvd., Vancouver, Washington 98663)

Friday, Sept. 2nd–  Free Day at Thiselle Creek Farm-

Saturday, Sept. 3rd–  National Cinema Day- $3 admission including AMC and Regal as well as Kiggins (they will be offering some throwback concession prices as well)

Sunday, Sept. 4th- Art In The Pearl Event-

Monday, Sept. 5th– Old-fashioned Penny Walk to explore a local area you’ve never been to.  Drive to the new place, grab a penny, and park and lock your car.  At each fork in the road, flip it.  Heads= right.  Tails= left.  If you get stuck at a dead end, drive to a new location.

Tuesday, Sept 6th– Take a break from summer vacation.  Labor day is done.  Check out a local retreat read!

Wednesday, Sept. 7th–  Do homework outside.  There’s still time to enjoy the great outdoors

Thursday, Sept. 8th–  Campfires and Candlelight, Fort Vancouver 4 pm to 10 pm

Friday, Sept. 9th– Rock Solid Teen Center 20th anniversary celebration in Brush Prairie

Saturday, Sept. 10th– September is Velociraptor Awareness Month!  As corny as it sounds, celebrate by driving around and looking for dino-themed artwork/ sculptures, etc.  Ideas include Nikkei Park, Jack Z. Fazio Neighborhood Park, T Rex Adventureland in Vancouver Mall, Dinolandia in Portland (last day), Prehistoric Gardens on the Coast, or gather 7 friends and spring for an overnight at a Jurassic Park-themed Airbnb (looks like the 10th is taken, but other Sept. openings are available as of writing this.)

Sunday, Sept. 11th– Viking Pancake Breakfast between, up to $10 a person.

Monday, Sept. 12th–  Leafs are starting to turn!  Go on a nature walk and gather as many varieties as possible. Arrange and take photos

  *see Sept. 26th.

Tuesday, Sept. 13th– Two for Tuesday- Go beyond 2nd street on a make-your-own scavenger hunt.  Search for 2’s everywhere!  Check out addresses, business names, numbers on railroad cars, and graffiti.  Be as creative as you like and get into a friendly family competition!  A great place to start is Clark GIS.  There are 3 addresses that contain “22222”.  I’m not going to give you a link for this one; I feel it would take from the thrill of the hunt.

Wednesday, Sept. 14th– Beaches Cruise-In at PIR-

Thursday, Sept. 15th- Lego Club, Camas Public Library,

Friday, Sept. 16th- Hidden gem- (this has nothing to do with Friday, Sept. 16th.- the suggestion can be made any time you see this!)

Make a Suggestion Day- Want me to go somewhere close?  Comment “Found it” in the comments section of my blog or any social media post followed by the destination you want me to travel to.  I will do my best to go and you get a dedication in my blog. 

Saturday, Sept. 17th– Calling all brick enthusiasts!  This is the 1st ever lego competition of its kind-

Also, Free Museum Day

Sunday, Sept. 18th– Visit Swan Island Dahlias in Canby.  So many events today-

Monday, Sept. 19th–  Visit The Parrot Perch for a different pet store experience

Tuesday, Sept. 20th– Visit Bob’s Red Mill in Milwaukie, OR. They used to give tours, and may still, although I’ve not been able to find info on this after the onset of COVID.

Wednesday, Sept. 21st– Visit Grandma Dixie’s Farm- 17719 NE 182nd Ave Brush Prairie, WA 98606 open 7 am to 7 pm

Thursday, Sept 22nd– First day of Fall- celebrate by getting your favorite local fall treats

Friday, Sept. 23rd– Visit Serendipity Alpaca Ranch, 2630 NE 253rd St, Ridgefield, WA 98642

Saturday, Sept. 24th- This one is a bit spendy, $35 a person, but the tour looks so fun!  10-12.  I’m dying to try their honey!

You may contact the Crofts and find out more about their farm at

Plus, it’s National Public Lands Day, which means you can get into any WA State Park or National Park for free- please consider volunteering

Sunday, Sept. 25th, 2022– Indoor game day- invite friends and family members to play some indoor games, multiple locations for free.  Use your judgment or grab a coffee or treat at a nearby bakery and play your own or borrow one if they have it.  Two places that do are Cupidone Coffee, and Chandelier Bakery,

Monday, Sept, 26th, 2022- Visit the Wendell Museum of Animal Conservation

Also, gather more leaves, take photos, and compare them to those found on the 12th

Tuesday, Sept. 27th, 2022- Want to check out Toastmasters?  The local group meets today.

Wednesday, Sept. 28th, 2022–  We have some people in Clark County who repair items for free!  They’ve repaired a lamp for me and Frankenstein some gorgeous and eclectic ones for resale.  The fundraiser is happening today with a concert!  Find out more at

Thursday, Sept. 29th, 2022– Forage pears for free at Foley Neighborhood Park 

This is an excellent blog to follow if you are looking for local trails in general
Friday, Sept. 30th, 2022– Take the kids after school and visit Haydu Park in Kalama

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2 thoughts on “September Is For Little Splurges!

  1. Great blog Tammy! So much to do here locally! I have more free time now so I’m going to try some of these! Would you be allowed to post about some of the fruit that can be gleaned locally? Or would that not interest your readers?


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