Inexpensive Family Events June 2022

Summer coming at me in the form of a gorgeous flax flower

O.K., you want to know my secrets, my “tools of the trade?” I’m constantly thinking of the next place to go and googling any possible lead in almost every spare second I have. That’s it.

Summer’s just around the corner, so I’m going to let you in on my thought process a bit in the form of a calendar. No photos. No lengthy explanations. Just dates, descriptions, and links. The links are some of my secret places to look, so you may want to bookmark them.
If you are looking for summer ideas, I have some you are going to love. They will come out monthly. Let’s begin with June 2022, at a minimum cost of $7 a person for the month plus gas. I promise it’s not too good to be true! Ready? Here we go:


Wed. June 1st– 1st-day of Kids Bowl Free Big Al’s Vancouver

Thurs. June 2nd– View art exhibits at local libraries to name a few

Fri. June 3rd-Vancouver Art Walk-free

Sat. June 4th– Free Fishing in Oregon- no license needed- fishing, crabbing, clamming all for free!

– State Parks Day in Oregon- get into any Oregon State Park for free

-Home Depot fish tank kit free- arrive early!  This is popular and they are often out fairly quickly

Sun. June 5th–  Free Fishing in Oregon- no license needed- fishing, crabbing, clamming

Mon. June 6th– do your own nature walk at Columbia Springs

Tues. June 7th– Do a soccer-playing tour at different parks

Wed. June 8th– Attend Kid’s Art Club at 4pm at the Camas
Public Library

Thurs. June 9th- Hide and seek in the dark in your yard

Fri. June 10th- Visit the Rice Museum of Rocks and Minerals for free with the FVRL experience pass, free to residential card members-

Sat. June 11th– National Get Outdoors Day! Visit a US Forest Service Recreation Area or 

-Washington State Park for free!

-Go Fishing.  Free fishing in Washington all day!

Sun. June 12th– Go Fishing.  Free fishing in Washington all day!

-Washington State Park for free!

Mon. June 13th–  Visit Naturescaping Botanical Gardens

Tues. June 14th– Go geocaching in an area of town never visited

Wed. June 15th-Sign up and begin summer reading at

Thurs. June 16th- Go bowling and play arcade games at Big Al’s for free

Fri. June 17th- Alderbrook Park Cruise in $5 a person

Sat. June 18th- Go to Planter’s Day Centennial Parade

Sun. June 19th– Visit WA state parks for free

Mon. June 20th–  Volunteer clean an older person’s or disabled person’s yard

Tues. June 21st- Summer Solstice-Chase the sunset and view it from a local lake or the beach

Wed. June 22nd-  Watch Despicable Me $2 @ Regal Cinemas

Thurs. June 23rd– Walk Lake Sacajawea and go to the Children’s Discovery Museum 1209 Commerce Ave, Longview, WA 98632

Fri. June 24th- Basketball at an outdoor school court or park court 

Sat. June 25th- Take easels to an outdoor area and draw/ paint/ color/ create En plein air as a family

Sun. June 26th- Sculpture Scavenger Hunt- find local sculptures in your area- for a list of animal sculptures in Clark County, WA comment in the comments and I will happily send you a copy.

Mon. June 27th- Rockhound locally- search for treasure!

Tues. June 28th- Twilight Tuesday at the Water Resource Education Center Ages 8 and up only- limited to 15 people early registration required

Wed. June 29th- Camas Farmer’s Market 3-7 pm

Thurs. June 30th- Take easels to an outdoor area and draw/ paint/ color/ create En plein air as a family

This blog is dedicated with love, to you the reader in sincere hopes that you have an excellent summer and that I see you at one of these events!

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