Miscellaneous Spring Break Adventures

This is the 4th of my spring break adventure series and covers a lot of ground. I hope you enjoy it!

The Parks

Other than the previous parks mentioned, we visited 2 others while we were on spring break, both of which are listed here. One was Jack Z. Fazio park in Hazel Dell, and the other was Kiwanis Park in Battle Ground.

Jack Z. Fazio, is a great park with a small playground complete with moveable binoculars, walking trails, a basketball court, and the best-kept secret; a sandpit complete with dinosaur bones to excavate. Please bring sand toys and brushes as the children love dusting off the bones. Plus, if crowds aren’t your thing, or you simply don’t want to drive all the way to 54th Street (there’s a huge dino-themed park there), this is a nice alternative. Last but not least, this is not the park to take your kids to if they have a fear of dogs. Dogs walk the path frequently and it is rare to not see them. Also, on that note, be careful walking through the grass. Not everyone brings bags. More info can be found at https://clark.wa.gov/public-works/jack-z-fazio-neighborhood-park

My brave boy standing on what he just unearthed
In addition to sand toys and brushes, children can also dig things up with hand excavators. How fun is that?
“Dem bones. ‘dem bones, ‘dem dino bones!

Kiwanis Park is a small but mighty park hidden in Battle Ground. Favorite features for me include the rock climbing wall and various seating areas throughout. There is also lovely tile work and a splash pad for summertime. Battle Ground is very community-minded, so you will notice a lot of large families and get-togethers. Kiwanis Park also hosts a lot of community events. More information can be found at https://www.cityofbg.org/779/Kiwanis-Park

Children love playing on the “rock wall” at Kiwanis Park

The Carnival

This one I will sum up in one sentence for you- don’t go. While my son enjoyed the carousel, it cost $6 for 8 laps. Roughly 50 percent of the operators and game administrators (not my son’s, thank goodness) were high. Stick to the fixture rides at the zoo, amusement parks, etc. This one ran during spring break in the Vancouver Plaza parking lot. It is run by Davis Shows, Northwest http://www.davisshowsnw.com/. Once again, don’t go.

A rose embossed blanket drapes the horse next to my son at the traveling carnival carousel.

The Nurseries

I visited 2 nurseries over spring break, one by myself and one with my son. Yard N’ Garden Land was the first nursery we visited. While we were there, I started to get grumpy because I couldn’t decide on what I wanted. Then my husband wrapped his arm around me and said, “Honey, it’s a sunny day, Michael’s loving life, and we are in a beautiful garden we don’t have to take care of.” This gave me a totally different way to view nurseries, not as a destination to buy plants, but as an experience to be enjoyed.

Yard and Garden Nursery is gorgeous indoors and out, has a variety of edible and non-edible plants, trees, and shrubs, and also has classes worth attending. Free fliers are available on different topics for Pacific Northwest gardeners. One of my favorite features was the on-site chicken, pecking away at weeds. My son thought she was a fun addition too!

My son viewing Yard and Garden’s chicken. The children flock to her, no pun intended.

Chapman’s Greenhouse and Nursery was the 2nd one I visited on spring break I went alone, only had a few things to buy, and was on a fairly tight schedule, but tried to bear in mind my husband’s advice and enjoy the time I spent there.

The staff is very friendly. When I couldn’t find a mint plant I was seeking as a companion to my fig, a very kind woman assisted me to a corner of the nursery I never knew existed. Chapman’s is a beautiful spot, just off 503. It’s so much bigger than it looks from the highway.

This is not a spot to come with young children, or anyone who is in a hurry. Divide and conquer if you are on an errand day and have another adult or teenager with you. Chapman’s is meant to be a leisurely experience and the checkout process can be awhile. Even with wagons (you will see what I mean below) being tallied before getting to the register, it took me about ten to fifteen minutes to be rung up and I was third in line. It’s kind of like a lotto; while I only had four items to ring up, everyone in front of me had 50-100 of various types. My plants are flourishing though and the walk around their greenhouse and gardens was lovely. Find more info on Chapman’s here: http://www.chapmansgreenhouseandnursery.com/

I want to dedicate this blog to Claire Brinton Curtis. She wrote an article last year in Vancouver Family Magazine reviewing area parks by their best features. I’m always up for a good park adventure and you upped my desire to see the utmost adventure in each one. She can be followed @3kidsandapark on Instagram.

This concludes my spring break series for 2022. Where did you go? Where would you like to go? Where would you to see me go? Please let me know in the comments. Also, please follow me so you can stay posted on all my crazy adventures.

Reader, dream fearlessly, travel local, buy local, and remember just because it’s in your back yard doesn’t mean it’s not worth a visit.

Until next time,


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