Clark County Sculptures and a Giveaway

Battle Ground Sculptures-22 minutes from Vancouver, Washington

At the end of this blog, there will be details on a giveaway-

On a drizzly day in November, I put my son on the bus and headed to Battle Ground to give my Mom a surprise. I picked her up and we headed out for an afternoon to view sculptures in her area. Although I knew of a few in Battle Ground, I was surprised to find several I didn’t know existed.

After stopping for a cup of coffee, we traveled down Main Street to a naturopathic office to view one I’d seen from a distance. On the way, all the fall foliage in Central Park caught our eyes, so we took a quick detour. While there, we also noticed a glorious sculpture and some very inspirational signs.

Central Park, Battle Ground, WA
A reminder amidst the rain and autumn leaves
A fish and aviary frenzy depicted in an artistic form in Central Park, Battle Ground

The Naturopath is literally just a few steps away. The statue out front is gorgeous, a woman and child practicing self and familial care. The beauty is in the details as well as the whole.

We headed to Battle Ground Cinema next. In addition to playing the most recent films, the entire parking lot is a plethora of sculptures galore. This was the one I’m looking most forward to because of the famous people portrayed there. I had so much fun doing this. As I’d always wanted to throw my handkerchief at Elvis, I now had the chance. My mom also joined in the fun. All of the sculptures and more can be found at Battle Cinema.

I had found one more set of sculptures in Battle Ground, on private property but very unique. It’s not often one finds safari animals in Southwest Washington, let alone safari animals pulling wagons. On a property known as Far West, a zebra and a giraffe can be found as well as a rooster. This is a fun one to view!

When I began researching the sculptures in Clark County, I was amazed at both the variety and quantity. I’ve compiled a list, thorough, though not all-inclusive, of the animal structures in Clark County, Washington. From moose to dinosaurs, sasquatch to cougar, If you’d like a copy, subscribe to my blog and I will happily send you one.

Thank you for your patience during the autumn and winter months. As the spring and summer months near, I look forward to more traveling. Until then, thank you for reading!

This blog is dedicated to my mother, Randi Bruley, my partner in crime from an early age.

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2 thoughts on “Clark County Sculptures and a Giveaway

  1. Loved this. The Duck/Salmon one in Central park was once so beautiful! It has been vandalized over the years to the sad state it is now. I wish it could be restored.


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